Major Update

Alpha v0.19

March 2021

Major Content

Here's a sneak peak of the big stuff this update.


It's been a while, but now is the perfect time to introduce our next Skill into the game.


Classed as a "Gathering" Skill, Agility is designed to provide numerous "Global Active Passives" to your character that can assist with pretty much all areas of the game. Almost all numbers can be affected by Agility in one way or another.

You are given the task of constructing your very own Agility Obstacle Course, with each obstacle you build coming equipped with different Agility XP rates, GP Rates, time to complete (Obsatacle Interval) and Global Active Passives attached to it.

Starting at the very first obstacle, your character will complete each Obstacle in their respective order until a lap is complete. Upon completing a lap, you will restart the Obstacle Course and go again. You cannot choose which obstacle to start it, it is always the first.

Strategic planning and thinking will come into effect with this Skill, and how you utilise the various Obstacles is entirely up to you.


For every 10 Agility Levels, you will be provided with an empty spot to construct an Obstacle of your choosing. All obstacles are categorized to suit their respective position within your Agility Course, meaning you can't place an Obstacle anywhere you like. In total, there is roughly 43 Obstacles to build, each with individual Masteries to complete.

These Obstacles, as mentioned above, come equipped with various benefits, buffs and debuffs. It is up to you to make a decision as to which Obstacle is best suits your current needs.

Building an Obstacle is not free. There is always a GP cost attached to it, and some later obstacles require various extra Items to build.

Active & Inactive Obstacles

When building an Obstacle, the Global Active Passives provided are always active in most circumstances.

An Obstacle becomes inactive if there is a gap in your Obstacle Course prior to it. Inactive Obstacles disable their respective Global Active Passives. The gap must be filled before they reactivate.

Remember, if you cannot reach the Obstacle during your training, that Obstacle will be inactive. This also means you cannot gain any XP or GP from this Obstacle. Don't worry though, the game will tell you if an Obstacle is inactive.

Obstacle Cost Reductions

I'll be honest, Obstacles are not cheap, especially late game.

You will find yourself swapping Obstacles quite consistently based on what your current goal is throughout the game. To help with this, there is many ways you can reduce the cost of Obstacles to ease the burden of costs.

Here are some ways to ease the pain:

  • Every time you construct an Obstacle, you gain +4% Item Cost Reduction for that Obstacle only. Stacks up to 10 times maximum for a total of +40% Item Cost Reduction.
  • Reaching Level 80 Mastery will grant +10% Cost Reduction for that Obstacle only.
  • Reaching Level 95 Mastery will grant +10% Cost Reduction for that Obstacle only.
  • 50% Mastery Pool bonus grants +10% Cost Reduction for all Obstacles.
  • 95% Mastery Pool bonus grants +15% Item Cost Reduction for all Obstacles.
  • Agility Skillcape (And Max/Completion Cape) grants +20% Cost Reduction for all Obstacles while equipped.

Item Cost Reduction is capped at 95%.

Passive Pillars

Upon reaching Level 99 in Agility, you will unlock the option to construct a "Passive Pillar". This is a unique benefit provided by Agility that acts like an Obstacle, when it actually isn't.

Passive Pillars provide Global Active Passives just like Obstacles, but do not provide any XP or GP, and has no Mastery attached to it. These Pillars simply sit there and provide you the bonuses, as long as the entire Agility Course is constructed (No gaps).

They cost a lot, are not affected by Cost Reductions, but you will enjoy the benefits they provide.

Agility Pet

With the inclusion of a new Skill, that also means a new Pet is introduced alongside it!

Agility Potion

To help you along for this journey, a new Potion has been added to the game to give you that much needed, totally not illegal boost to your Obstacle Course training.

And yes, a new Potion means new Masteries for Herblore ;)

Agility Skillcape

What good is a new Skill without a nice Cape to wear and brag about?

Adventure Mode

The 3rd and final Official Gamemode that will change everything about the way you play the game.

Adventure Mode bring a whole new challenge to the game, forcing you to make strategic decisions at every step of your journey.

In this Gamemode, Skills are locked behind a GP cost that must be unlocked individually. Every time you decide to unlock a Skill, the cost of the next unlock increases.

At the start of the Gamemode, the only Skill available to you are Attack, Strength, Defence and Hitpoints. Everything else is locked.

To help kickstart your new adventure, you are given a Bronze Weapon and 10 Basic Food. So generous, right?

Adventure Mode is also bound by the same Combat Triangle Modifiers you find in Hardcore Mode.

Sounds easy, what's the catch?

Leveling Skills in Adventure Mode is completely different to Standard. Non-Combat Skill Levels cannot go above your Combat Level.

When you eventually reach the maximum level, the Skill will still continue to train as normal, but you won't receive any further XP. You will need to go back into Combat, and level your Combat Level.

Boss Pets

Boss Pets have finally arrived to the game!

These cute little critters can be found in every single Dungeon in the game. Upon killing a Boss in a dungeon, you have a chance of obtaining one of the Boss Pets!

These Boss Pets provide a small Combat bonus to assist you in your adventures.

For those curious, the Into the Mist Boss Pet required a set 5 completions of the Dungeon. This is also unlocked retroactively, so there is no need to complete another 5.

Golbin Raid - Stage 2

The long awaited Stage 2 of the Golbin Raid Development Plan has finally arrived.

New Additions
  • The Raid Shop is now active. You can purchase upgrades, Items and Pets in this shop. All Items and Pets in the Raid Shop do not count towards completion.
  • Non-Combat skills will now go into offline mode during the Raid. This means you can train them while participating in Raids.
  • Added (Alt) Weapons to the Raid. (Alt) Weapons are weapons you can get in the Raid that have a completely random Special Attack attached to them. You cannot see what the Special Attack will be, and the Special Attack does not change unless you pick a different weapon.
  • Prayer can now be unlocked and levelled up via the Raid Shop for (For the Golbin Raid only)
  • The Combat Passive Slot can be unlocked via the Raid Shop. If unlocked, you have the option to acquire a Random Passive Item at the end of every 10 waves.
  • There is now a chance for the Golbins you face to have a random Passive attached to them. Be sure to look out for these and take note of why the Golbin you are facing is harder to kill than Ragnar.
  • You can now see the stats of items in the Item Selector. It also compares to what you currently have equipped.
  • You can now skip waves in the Raid at a cost of Raid Coins. This cost can be reduced via the Raid Shop.
  • Ranged Ammo count does not get replaced anymore when selecting different Ammo. It simply replaces the Ammo and increases existing quantity.
  • Now start with 500 of each elemental Rune, up from 100
  • Now start with 200 Bronze Arrows, up from 100
  • There's a few items in the Raid Shop to assist you with the Raid. These include increases to Quantity of Ammo, Runes and Food found during the Raid.
  • Ammo and Runes are now separate categories, instead of combined into one.
  • Due to the above change, these categories now give you the option of 2 different Ammo/Runes, plus an option to simply add quantity to your existing Ammo/Runes
  • Reduced Golbin Max HP by 20%.
  • It is no longer possible to find the Wasteful Ring, Cape of Competion, Max Skillcape or Farming Skillcape in the Raid.
  • It is also no longer possible to roll Non-Combat Runes, or Combination Runes.
Bug Fixes
  • Refreshing the page during a Raid will now correctly end the Raid and record its stats.
  • Your equipment set should now correctly go back to its original after a Raid has been completed.

Other Changes (Not including the above)

NEW There is a brand new Welcome Screen, which includes seemless Cloud functionality as well as Cloud Account Management.
NEW Added an announcement system to the game which allows me to post Announcements & News to Players without requiring a game refresh or restart.
NEW It is now possible to create up to 5 different Characters.
NEW Prices in the Shop are now colour coded so you know what you can and can't afford.
NEW New Item - Yellow Party Hat - Acquired in the Golbin Raid Shop. Does not count towards Item Completion.
NEW New Pet - Preston the Platypus - Acquired in the Golbin Raid Shop. Does not count towards Item Completion.
NEW New Pet - Jerry the Giraffe - Acquired in the Golbin Raid Shop. Does not count towards Item Completion.
NEW Added the Official Development Roadmap as a link in-game

CHANGE Started the complete overhaul to how Player Modifiers are handled in game. This should provide more consistency with how modifiers work, and will also speed up future development and management of the game by a lot. This also means a few items have changed in terms of how their bonuses work.
CHANGE Skill Preservation chance is now capped at 80%.
CHANGE Completely overhauled how the Shop works behind the scenes. You won't see much change with this, but it will allow me to add more Shop items with ease.
CHANGE The Shop now displays all items that are available for purchase from the start, as well as what is required to unlock that Shop item.
CHANGE Aorpheats Signet Ring now provides +100% GP from all sources except Alt. Magic and item selling, instead of a flat double to item drops.
CHANGE Slayer Skillcape now provides +25% Flat Slayer Area Effect Negation. Changed from 60% Area Effect Negation.
CHANGE All God Upgrades now provide +15% to their respective bonuses (Additive), instead of the previous 20% Increase (Multiplicative). This is not a nerf.
CHANGE Amulet of Fishing now provides +15% Decreased Fishing Interval (Additive). Changed from 20% Decrease (Multiplicative). This is not a nerf.
CHANGE Woodcutting Skillcape now provides -15% Woodcutting Interval (Additive). Changed from 50% Decrease (Multiplicative). This is not a nerf.
CHANGE Guardian Amulet Base Attack Speed Slow is now +10%, down from 20%.
CHANGE Enemy buffs/debuffs and Player buffs/debuffs now last for x Attack TURNS, instead of x Attacks (each hit). An Attack Turn is when an entire attack is performed. Multi-hit special attacks count as 1 Attack Turn
CHANGE Rune Preservation now affects Alt. Magic
CHANGE Larry, the Lonely Lizard Pet now provides +15 Farming Qty, up from +5
CHANGE Stone Skin Prayer now provides +3% Damage Reduction, down from +5%
CHANGE Stone Skin now costs 3 Prayer Points per enemy Attack, up from 2
CHANGE Adjusted the wording for the Protect Prayers to be more clear
CHANGE "Skills" wording changed to "Non-Combat" in the Sidebar/Menu
CHANGE Darksteel Dagger "Deadly Cut" now performs and attack that deals 200 dmg + Enemy Bleeds for 4% enemy max hp over 10s
CHANGE Sanguine Blade Special Attack chance is now 30%
CHANGE Sanguine Blade Special Attack now causes the Enemy to Bleed for 400% damage dealt if Enemy is on full HP, otherwise its 250%
CHANGE Sandstorm Ring now deals 5-15% of Player's current HP 10 times over 4 seconds
CHANGE Almighty Lute now grants +250% GP granted from slain Monsters, instead of 5x GP.
CHANGE Malcs, the Leader of Dragons now drops 100K - 150K GP on death, down from 150K - 225K GP.
CHANGE Defence Skillcape now provides +40 to all Evasion Ratings, up from +10.
CHANGE Generous Resupply Shop Item now contains Sharks instead of Manta Rays
CHANGE Standard Resupply Shop Item now contains 150 Crab, down from 200 Crab
CHANGE Basic Resupply Shop Item now contains 100 Lobster, down from 200 Lobster
CHANGE Basic Slayer Gear now unlocks after 15 Normal Slayer Task Completions, down from 20.
CHANGE Slayer Gear Upgrade Kit (Strong) now unlocks after 25 Hard Slayer Task Completions, down from 30.
CHANGE Slayer Gear Upgrade Kit (Elite) now unlocks after 30 Elite Slayer Task Completions, down from 40.
CHANGE Slayer Gear Upgrade Kit (Master) now unlocks after 40 Master Slayer Task Completions, down from 50.
CHANGE Elemental Potions now provide [Potion Tier * 2] qty of a random Elemental Rune per Runecraft, instead of only 1.
CHANGE Fisherman's Potions now provide +[3, 5, 8, 12]% chance to double Fish, instead of [3, 5, 8, 12]% reduced Junk chance.
CHANGE Melee Accuracy Potions now provide [10, 15, 20, 30]% Increased Melee Accuracy Rating, up from [5, 10, 15, 25]%
CHANGE Melee Evasion Potions now provide [10, 15, 20, 30]% Increased Melee Evasion Rating, up from [5, 10, 15, 25]%
CHANGE Doubled the charges for Melee Accuracy Potions & Melee Evasion Potions
CHANGE Clicking "Select Character" fom the User Dropdown menu will now send you back to Welcome Screen.
CHANGE Moved the Changelog into the new "News & Changelog" tab in the Sidebar/Menu under the Settings link.

FIXED Offline Pet calculations updated to be more efficient.
FIXED Inaccurate Confetti Crossbow effect description.
FIXED Logs sell price is inconsistency and has rounding issues.
FIXED Enemies don't die from debuffs/bleed/DoT when below 1 HP until player attacks again.
FIXED Master Slayer Gear does not affect Thieving drops.
FIXED Divine Potion IV: chance to not consume Prayer Points (25%), did not match the item description (35%). Correctly applies at 35% now.
FIXED Gold Emerald Ring does not give the expected 7% bonus XP to Prayer
FIXED Fixed Prayer XP providing more XP than intended
FIXED Slight disagreement Between a Skill's Mastery Percentage.
FIXED Ancient Ring of Skills does not apply bonus to Alt. Magic.
FIXED Offline Cooking doesn't use potions correctly
FIXED Upgrade item window not showing change in Melee Attack Bonuses correctly.
FIXED Fish caught stat not counting correctly for Offline progress.
FIXED Reindeer Pet appears in Pet list even if not obtained.
FIXED Looting items manually doesn't check if your bank is full.
FIXED Duplicate Combat Loot bug should now be squashed.
FIXED Redemption Prayer does not function as intended.
FIXED Hunter's Ring passives not processing correctly.
FIXED Hardcore Character death Steam achievement is not working.
FIXED Rags to Riches II Combination Rune's Nature Rune cost is less than intended.
FIXED Greater Dragonbreath Enemy Special Attack deals twice as much damage as the description says. Now deals the correct amount of Damage according to description.
FIXED Issues with character switching during Combat.
FIXED Chance to Hit displays wrong value/Hit chance is implemented incorrectly.
FIXED Earth Adept Wizard Hat has incorrect Magic Level required on Crafting page.
FIXED Auroras don't seem to get the Skull Cape effect of Rune Preservation.
FIXED Runic Ruins Slayer Area Effect -30% Magic Evasion not applying as intended.
FIXED Unable to idle Cooking offline until you purchased the first cooking fire. You can now idle without purchasing it.
FIXED Missing Slayer Milestones for new Slayer Areas.
FIXED Aorpheat's Signet Ring provides double the listed bonus to Thieving GP.
FIXED New Bank items are not sorted correctly when using Stack GP Value options.
FIXED Invalid Javascript syntax is declaring unwanted globally scoped variables.
FIXED Some Items have duplicate properties.
FIXED Broken Milestone image for Godswords in Attack.
FIXED Ancient Wizard Set, and Water Acolyte Wizard Hat bonus does not match description.
FIXED Clue Chasers Insignia lowers the Rhaelyx pieces chance to drop.
FIXED Farming Pet increasing harvest quantity more than intended.
FIXED The Sandstorm Ring will consume arrows on each hit.
FIXED Mystic Prayers have different descriptions.
FIXED [Steam] Rich presence - Total level does not update dynamically.
FIXED Offline Mastery XP for Crafting Skills producing more Mastery XP than intended.
FIXED Enemy Special Attack Burning Claws now correctly attacks twice as per its description
FIXED Removed the Damage Reduction debuff from the Sealing Special Attack description.
FIXED New items added to the game are now sorted correctly.
FIXED Corrected spelling of "Drowsy Spores" special attack.
FIXED Rune counts in the "My Rune" page now update dynamically, and correctly.
FIXED Save timestamp shows in local time, and is no longer a massive string.