Minor Update

Alpha v0.18.2
6th January 2021

NEW The Welcome Screen has had a slight update. Character slots will now display what you were training offline, and also tell you which save is the most recent (If logged into the Cloud).
NEW Selecting a Local Save while connected to the Cloud will now prompt you to confirm, due to the nature of it overwriting your Cloud Save once you load the game.

CHANGE Removed the Damage Reduction from the Frienship Bracelet. I hope you enjoyed using it while it lasted. Just remember Event Items this OP won't always last forever.
CHANGE The Candy Cane now has a much, much higher chance to kill you instead of the enemy. I don't recommend using it.

FIXED Fixed issue that caused Woodcutting Mastery to not apply correctly to the 2nd tree you were cutting.
FIXED Fixed issue that caused item quantities to go negative within your bank.
FIXED Fixed issue where Area Effect was not applying at all for Dark Waters Slayer Area
FIXED Clicking the Melvor Logo in the sidebar will no longer refresh the page.
FIXED Fixed Spelling Error for Otto Pet location in Pet Log
FIXED Fixed Fishing Mastery providing incorrect chance to double fish.
FIXED Hardcore Characters now correctly delete when dying to Thieving while logged into the Cloud.
FIXED Fixed issue that caused Pets to be rarer than usual while training offline (Lol sorry about this one)
FIXED Fixed issue that caused the Christmas Pet to count towards Completion.