Major Update

Alpha v0.17

October 2020

Major Content

Here's a sneak peak of the big stuff this update.

Other Content

Other noticeable updates & inclusions

Full Changelog

Mastery Rework

The new Mastery System introduces new mechanics and ideas to assist with the progression.


As it currently stands, the Mastery System within Melvor Idle is in a position where it simply requires a complete overhaul. The sense of progression and benefits in the current system are sub-par at best.

This rework aims to take the original concepts of the Mastery System, and add further avenues of progression in hopes the Player will feel a sense of reward for progressing it.

The system has been designed to be uniform in nature, where everything works together to achieve a set goal, as well as scale with ease alongside new content that may be introduced into the game without it being a detriment to the Player.

Mastery XP & Progression

Each individual item within the game still has its own Mastery Level attached, with the maximum Mastery Level being 99.

The amount of Mastery XP required for each level has changed. The required Mastery XP to level up is now the same as it is for Skill Levels.

Mastery XP is earned per action within a Skill. The amount of Mastery XP you receive is based on these factors:

  • The time it takes to perform the action.
  • The Individual Mastery Level of the item you are training on.
  • The Total Mastery Level for that Skill.
  • The amount of unlocked Milestones for that Skill. Reaching Skill Level 99 is classed as a Milestone.

Mastery Pool & Checkpoints

The Mastery Pool is a brand new mechanic introduced in this rework, and is designed to provide direct support to you in your efforts to achieve the 100% Mastery Goal.

Every time you perform an action that grants Mastery XP, an extra 25% of that Mastery XP is added to the respective Skill's Mastery Pool with the bonus increasing to 50% at Skill Level 99. This Mastery XP sitting within the Mastery Pool can then be spent to level up other items within the same Skill.

The Mastery Pool can only hold a set amount of Mastery XP based on how many items are in that Skill, so be sure to manage it efficiently.

Mastery Pool Checkpoints

Every Mastery Pool has four Checkpoints, and upon reaching these you will unlock a passive bonus. These checkpoints are reached at 10%, 25%, 50% & 95% respectively.

These bonuses will continue to activate, and deactive depending on how you utilise the Pool within the Skill itself. So be sure to pay attention before spending all of your Mastery Pool XP.

Mastery Bonuses

Each individual item still provides a bonus, depending on the Mastery Level of that item. This existing system did not need to be changed, as I believe it works well as a whole when utlised correctly.

There is also new Mastery Level 99 bonuses for all Items that provide just that little bit extra to help you along your journey.

Mastery Tokens

Now, you're all itching to know what is being done with these pesky items.

Mastery Tokens were added to the game initially as a "band-aid" fix to a much larger issue. Since then, they became pretty much the only way to make decent progress with Mastery.

Mastery Tokens within the rework act as a small helping hand. Something you can acquire, and use straight away to get a small nudge in terms of progression. It is no longer possible for them to be "wasted", and you no longer need to hoard them for 9 months before using one.

New Token Bonus:

Grants Mastery Pool XP equal to 0.1% of the maximum Mastery Pool XP for the respective skill.

Important Changes coming

The Mastery System required a large amount of balancing, and rethinking of bonuses that are currently in the game.

Due to these changes, these are the most important changes that will be included with the update:

  • Herblore Tier unlocks changed to Mastery Levels [1,20,50,90], up from [1,15,40,65]. With the new Mastery Mechanics, it will take roughly the same amount of time to reach Level 90 Mastery in the new system as it did to reach Level 65 Mastery in the old system.
  • The Thieving Skillcape has been changed. The benefit is now: "Reduce Thieving Interval by 0.5 seconds".
  • Crafting Skillcape now reduces the Crafting Interval by 0.5s, instead of a flat 50% reduction.

Bank Rework

The Bank is one of the most important aspects of the game. This rework aims to address most issues with the Bank, while provided much-requested QoL additions in the process.


The Bank has always been left behind in updates. As the game scales, and more content & mechanics are introduced, it was becoming apparent that the Bank needed a large overhaul to bring it up to scratch.

The new bank is designed to be scaled with ease alongside new content, as well as providing the Player with more options to organise their items.

The Bank will always be worked on to provide QoL to the Player, so I will be listening to all feedback regarding the Bank.

Bank Tabs

One of the most requested features for the Bank has finally arrived.

Every one is provided 10 Bank tabs to organise their inventory. These tabs allow for easy organisation, as well as quick access to items you need.

For Desktop users, you are able to drag any item into any tab you wish. For everyone else, there is an option at the top of the bank to quickly move items into new tabs. Kind of like a Bulk Move Item mode.

The first item within the Tab determines the image that is displayed.

Bank Layout

The Bank is now separated into two sections: The Main Container and the Bank Sidebar.

The Main Container is just like it has always been, the section that stores all your items.

The Bank Sidebar is the new section which replaces the Dropdown menu you have been used to. Selecting an item will display this sidebar will all details and actions relating to your item. It's just like the dropdown, but with many more options to mess around with.

This new Bank Sidebar allows for easy scaling with new mechanics and ideas around items.

You are also able to see the Item Stats for the selected item, as well as change settings relating to the bank including New Bank Sorting Options.

On Mobile devices, this Bank Sidebar will pop-out for you when selecting an item.

More Control

The new Bank gives you more QoL control with actions you can perform with items.

The introduction of Sliders allows for quick and easy equipping, selling, opening or claiming of items. There is no need to open extra dropdowns and power through a bunch of options to get the quantities you need.

Equipping an item is also a lot more intuative. You can select which Equipment Set you want the item to go to, as well as see what will be replaced when you equip that item. This also includes the option to equip X amount of Ammo.

Bulk Selling

Another new option you get is the ability to Bulk Sell All of your items.

By simply activating the option at the top of the Bank, you will be able to mark any unlocked item for Sale to quickly remove them from your Bank.

Game Guide

A long awaited inclusion to assist new Players.


Melvor Idle is not your typical Idle game. For those who played Runescape, you'll know that its hard to simply "pick up and go".

This update includes the start of what I like to call the "Game Guide".

The Game Guide is a tutorial detailing the most important aspects a Player needs to know, and provides a helpful avenue to progressing in the game. It's short, but it gets straight to the point.

It will be worked on with every update, ensuring Players get the best experience possible.

How to Access

Players a greeted with a "Click This" tooltip that lies on the Image of the page you are currently on.

Clicking this image on any page will bring up the Game Guide that relates to that page.

Item Doubling Mechanic Changes


Item Doubling Mechanics in Melvor Idle has always been odd in the way it was handled.

Previously, each item you equip that has a chance to double resources would roll that chance individually. This means if you had 3 items that had a chance to doubled items, it would be possible to double the item 3 times.

Now, item doubling chances are additive. This means if the item has a chance to double, these chances add up into 1 item doubling chance.

Important to Note:

This only affects items that have a % chance to double. Items that specifically mention that they double items will always roll separately.


Prior to v0.17 - You have 3 items equipped that provide 5% chance to double resources each. When you gather a resouce, you have a 5% chance to double the item for each of these items.

It is possible to double the item 3 times. So you end up with 1 * 2 * 2 * 2 items in the end, which equals 8 items.

After v0.17 - The above 3 items now give you a total of +15% chance to double the resource. It will only roll once per action.

This means you can now only get 1 * 2 items, which equals 2.

Golbin Raid Inclusions & Balancing


Please note that this is not Golbin Raid Stage 2

This update includes some minor balance changes to the Golbin Raid Minigame, as well as two nifty inclusions.

New Inclusions

Golbin Raid Bosses have been added. These appear as the final Enemy for every 10 Waves. They are much more powerful than your regular Golbins, so watch out!

The Golbins now all have randomised names! They are all named after Past, Present and Future Elite Supporters from Patreon. They also receive a randomised Trait to give them a bit of a personality.


Exact Numbers are in the changelog at the bottom.

  • Increased scaling for Golbin Raid Coins. You now get more the further you go!
  • Reduced Golbin HP scaling so they are no longer as beefy early game.
  • Increased Stat Bonus scaling for the Golbins. They hit a little harder now.
  • The minimum quantity of Food you can get is now equal to the Wave you are up to.
  • Reduced enemy respawn time by 50% - Faster waves, faster Raids, faster gains.

Updated Artwork

Updated Godswords & God Items
Provided by Briendahl. Please be sure to thank him.
Updated Ancient Javelins
Provided by Eli. Please be sure to thank him.

Cape of Completion

With the updated Mastery System, I can now safely say that it is possible to reach 100% Completion within Melvor Idle.
Upon reaching 100% completion, you will be able to purchase this item from the Shop. Trust me, it's amazing.
An no, this item does not count towards Item Completion. That would just be silly.

Full Changelog

NEW The Mastery System has been competely reworked.
NEW During the Mastery Conversion process, you will be granted 1 extra level for every Mastery.
NEW The Bank has been competely reworked.
NEW The game's UI has been updated. This brings along new fonts, colour schemes, UI styles and performance improvements.
NEW Implemented an in-game tutorial / game-guide. This can be accessed by clicking the Header Image of the page/skill you are currently on.
NEW The "Mastery Pool" and respective bonuses have been added to the game.
NEW All items now have Level 99 bonuses.
NEW Firemaking now has Mastery Bonuses that provides increased burn interval, as well as Global Mastery XP modifiers.
NEW New Item - Ancient Ring of Mastery - +7% Global Mastery XP. Obtained as a Special Item in Fishing
NEW New Item - Completion Skillcape - Inherits all Skillcape Benefits. All Mastery Pool bonuses are active. +5% Damage Reduction.
NEW New Pet - Ty (The Tasmanian Devil) - +3% Global Mastery XP. Obtained by performing any action the provides Mastery XP.
NEW The game now syncronises to the Cloud every 10 seconds.
NEW Bank Tabs have been added. Everyone gets 10 Tabs for free.
NEW The Bank now has a "Sell Mode".
NEW An option to set the default Tab an item is added to has been added.
NEW Added extra Sorting Options for the Bank. This includes sorting based on GP Values.
NEW You can now "Claim X" Mastery Tokens.
NEW You can now "Open X" for all chests.
NEW You can now "Bury X" for types of Bones.
NEW You can now see your Item Stats within the Bank Screen.
NEW You can now see the total sale amount of an Item in the Bank Screen based on the Sale Quantity you have selected.
NEW You can now select which Equipment Set you want Arrows/Ammo to be equipped to.
NEW You can now select the exact quantity of Arrows you want to equip.
NEW When equipping an item, it will now tell you what item/s will be unequipped.
NEW The game will now tell you if a Weapon is 1 or 2 handed (Under the item image).
NEW When searching for an item in the Bank, the Bank tab will light up to show you where it is.
NEW You can now pet your Pets from either the Pet log or the Skilling Minibar.
NEW Items that do not count towards completion can now be added to your bank by clicking on them in the Item Log. You can only do this for the items you actually obtained when they were available.
NEW Mining now displays locked ores (Just like Woodcutting).
NEW You can now upgrade 1,000 Rune Essence into a Basic Magic Wand
NEW You can now see your Cloud Username fromt the User Dropdown Menu
NEW There is new Artwork for the Godswords, Cloudburst Staff, and Earth Layered Shield. Huge thanks to Briendahl for providing these.
NEW There is new Artwork for the Ancient Javelins. Huge thanks to Eli for providing this.
NEW Golbin Raid - Golbin Raid Bosses have been added. The final Golbin at the end of every 10 waves is very powerful, so watch out for those Max Hits!
NEW Golbin Raid - The Golbins now have randomised names and traits! They are named after all Past, Present and Future Elite Supporters from Patreon.

CHANGE Changed how double item chance mechanics work. Items, potions, pets and other bonuses that provide a +% chance of receiving double items is now an additive bonus. For example, if you had two items that had 5% chance to double, this would previously roll separately and provide the chance to gain x4 items. Now the percentages are added and you will get a set 10% chance. This only affects items with a % chance. Items that specifically mention they double items will still proc individually.
CHANGE The Mastery XP formula has been changed to be the same as the Skill XP formula.
CHANGE The Mastery Bonuses for Runecrafting has been changed, removing the XP bonus from per item Masteries (This has moved to the Mastery Pool). The quantity multiplier for Runes has also been adjusted.
CHANGE The Magic Skillcape has been changed. The benefit is now: "Doubles the Rune cost reduction of equipped items".
CHANGE The Thieving Skillcape has been changed. The benefit is now: "Reduce Thieving Interval by 0.5 seconds".
CHANGE Herblore Tier unlocks changed to Mastery Levels [1,20,50,90], up from [1,15,40,65]
CHANGE Farming Mastery Bonuses have changed. The Amount of Seeds you can get back has changed to [1,2,4,5,6,8] at Masterty Levels [16,31,46,61,76,91,99]
CHANGE The time to grow for Allotments and Herbs have been increased by a multiple of 3.
CHANGE The base harvest quantity for Allotments and Herbs has also been increased by a multiple of 3.
CHANGE The time to grow for Trees has been doubled.
CHANGE The Farming experience provided by Trees has been multiplied by 2.5x.
CHANGE The base harvest quantity for Trees has been increased by a multiple of 7x.
CHANGE The Gold Emerald Ring no longer works with Alt. Magic.
CHANGE The Ancient Ring of Skills now works with Alt. Magic.
CHANGE The Slayer Pet chance now rolls per attack for enemies that are your current slayer task, instead of on kill only.
CHANGE Cooking Fire bonus % XP has changed to [5,10,15,20,25,30,40,50,70] from [0,5,10,15,20,25,35,50,75].
CHANGE Increased Clue Chaser's Insignia bonus to 10%, up from 5%.
CHANGE The base Runecrafting XP provided by all Runes has been doubled.
CHANGE Lemon, Lemons, Lemonade no longer count towards Item Completion.
CHANGE The "Buy X" button in the Shop is now more prominent.
CHANGE Doubled the amount of Eyeballs that drop from all Eye Monsters.
CHANGE "Melee" Combat Attack Style is now depicted by a Sword Icon, instead of the Combat Icon.
CHANGE Crafting Skillcape now reduces the Crafting Interval by 0.5s, instead of a flat 50% reduction.
CHANGE Crafting Pet now decreases the Crafting Interval by 0.2s, down from 0.3s
CHANGE Updated the visual look of items sitting within the Loot Container in Combat.
CHANGE Golbin Raid - Increased scaling for Golbin Raid Coins to [Wave * Monster Count * FLOOR(Wave / 15 + 1)], up from [Wave * Monster Count].
CHANGE Golbin Raid - Reduced Golbin HP scaling to [HP = Wave * 1.2 + 1], down from [HP = Wave * 2 + 1].
CHANGE Golbin Raid - Increased Stat Bonus scaling for the Golbins to [Wave / 4.2], up from [Wave / 3.3].
CHANGE Golbin Raid - The minimum quantity of Food you can get is now equal to the Wave you are up to.
CHANGE Golbin Raid - Reduced enemy respawn time by 50%

FIXED Combination Runes now work correctly offline for Alt. Magic.
FIXED Fixed issue causing the Upgrade Item screen to display the incorrect stats of the Item.
FIXED Fixed issues that caused Mining rocks to be depleted permantently.
FIXED Fixed issues with Combat Progress bars sometimes getting stuck on rare occasions.
FIXED Frostbite now correctly applies Extra Damage Multiplier
FIXED Fixed issue where Thieving Mastery Levels displayed as Level 70.
FIXED Fixed Monster image allignment issues for Mobile.
FIXED Fixed issue where Fishing Pet rolls twice per action offline.
FIXED Fixed item duplication issue with loot when clicking rapidly in the Loot container.
FIXED Cooking and Firemaking now displays a notification when resources are preserved.
FIXED Corrected the Stormsnap sale price to 1,500,000, up from 150,000
FIXED Fixed all potential issues with the Clue Chasers Insignia.
FIXED Clue Chaser's Insignia now helps with getting the Crown of Rhaelyx pieces.
FIXED Slayer's Crossbow no longer provides the bonus to enemies in dungeons
FIXED Herblore Potion Selection Tooltips no longer display unless you have the required Herblore Level to make the Potion.
FIXED When changing pages, it will now jump to the top of the page.
FIXED Fixed incorrectly sized bank borders for some items.
FIXED Fixed some word formatting.

REMOVED Base Prayer XP has been removed. You are now required to use Prayers to gain Prayer XP.
REMOVED You are no longer required to manually light a Cooking Fire. This is now a permanent feature for new Players.
REMOVED Removed all unnessecary console logs.
REMOVED Removed empty Tooltip from Fletching.