Minor Update

Alpha v0.16.1
27th July 2020

Thank you everyone for the incredible response to the latest Major Update! It was our largest release to date in terms of active and returning players.

This update details many hotfixes that have been implemented every day since release of Alpha v0.16, plus a few new changes to help with balance.
NEW You can now equip Skilling Gloves and Bob's Rake from the new Skilling Minibar. These will only show after you have purchased at least 1 from the shop.

CHANGE Superheat Magic Spells now require Earth Runes instead of Water Runes. This also means the Combination Rune required is the Lava Rune instead of the Steam Rune. The Spell now makes sense thematically (Can't make bars with Steam, ya'know).
CHANGE Blessed Offering now requires 2 Nature Runes, up from 1.
CHANGE The Fighter Amulet bonus is now a Melee only bonus. The description has been updated to reflect this.
CHANGE The Fighter Amulet now procs at 70%, down from 75%
CHANGE Slicing Winds, Gust, and Incinerate now require at least 20K Accuracy Rating to guaratnee the hit.
CHANGE Updated the Minimum Hit calcuation for damage. It is no longer incredibly OP.
CHANGE Runecrafting Double Item Mastery benefit now only applies to Runes. Mastery description has been updated to accomodate this.

FIXED All Skilling Pet Bonuses now work Offline.
FIXED Fixed background image not loading correctly for Mobile versions of the game
FIXED Woodcutting Mastery Benefits now correctly apply Offline.
FIXED Aorpheats Signet Ring bonus now correctly applies to Woodcutting and Thieving Offline.
FIXED Smithing Skillcape now correctly applies bonus both Online and Offline.
FIXED Fixed minor issues with the Shop.
FIXED Fixed issue where Hardcore was limited to 75 Bank Slots, instead of the intended 80 Bank Slots.
FIXED Most Potion Upgrades have been fixed. Some are still not working, this is being looked into.
FIXED Tooltips for Equipment Sets no longer stack on top of each other. They now correctly display as intended.
FIXED Fixed incorrect Milestones.
FIXED Combat Triangle indicator in Combat now updates correctly when changing gear.
FIXED Slayer Pet no longer makes Slayer Shop items 20% more expensive.
FIXED Fixed issue where casting a Magic Spell with an Aurora could break the game.
FIXED Fixed issue where the incorrect Pet was being obtained for the Skill when training Offline.
FIXED Fixed incorrect calculation for Thieving Pet bonus.
FIXED Fixed Prayer Pet causing issues when interacting with Prayer Potions
FIXED Fixed issue where Divine Potion was not applying the bonus as it was intended.
FIXED Fixed issue where Book of Eli was not applying the Light Rune bonus correctly.
FIXED Magic Skillcape now works correctly for Auroras.
FIXED Fixed incorrect Tutorial Tip for acquiring a Magic Staff
FIXED Fixed Cooking Pet applying the incorrect bonus.
FIXED Prayer Points will now apply correctly when burying Bones.
FIXED Fixed incorrect icons displayed in Upgrade Item screen.
FIXED Fixed broken Crown of Rhaelyx when using with Smithing.
FIXED Fixed incorrect descriptions and formatting for Alt. Magic Spells.
FIXED Updated the description of the Skull Cape to be more clear as to where the bonus is applied.
FIXED Gold Emerald Ring now works for Alt. Magic.
FIXED Updated Item description for Gold Emerald Ring and Ancient Ring of Skills.
FIXED Spelling Errors.
FIXED Fixed issue where hovering over the Attack Type tooltip for the Enemy would crash the game in rare instances.
FIXED Firemaking Skillcape and Max Skillcape Coal Benefit now work offline for Firemaking.
FIXED Fixed Runecrafting giving unintended preservation chance.
FIXED Fixed an issue where equipping a Ranged Weapon into one of your inactive Equipment Sets that had a Throwing Knife or Javelin equipped would cause the Ammo in your current slot to disappear.
FIXED Golden Golbin now correctly applies the passive loot bonus.
FIXED You can no longer equip the base pieces of the Crown of Rhaelyx.
FIXED Crown of Rhaelyx now correctly uses 1 charge instead of the entire stack.

I may have missed a few hotixes, but that's OK :)