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This game is in Early Access
Although you are able to play and progress in this game, Melvor Idle is not a finished product.
By playing and progressing within Melvor Idle, you agree to accept that:

1) You will encounter bugs and unexpected behaviour that may directly affect your experience.
2) There will be Major content updates and mechanic changes that you may or may not be expecting that will affect how the game is played, and how it looks.
3) Loss or corruption of your save may occur unexpectedly. Although we do everything we can to ensure this does not happen, we cannot guarantee it will be 100% stable in Early Access.
4) You will take regular local backups of your save from the Settings menu within the game.
5) The use of 3rd party scripts or extensions will most likely cause your save to become corrupt during an update. Use these at your own risk as we are not responsible for any bugs that occur while you have scripts or extensions active.
You may view the official Development Roadmap here: Click Here (External Link)
By clicking this button, you agree to everything stated above.

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Standard Mode
The standard way to play Melvor Idle. I suggest you start with the mode.
Hardcore Mode
This gamemode is Permadeath. Your character is deleted upon death.
No passive Hitpoint Regeneration.
80 bank slot limit from Shop. Bank slot tokens still work if limit reached.
Harsher Combat modifiers.

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