Fan Art Competition

Competition Ended 30th September 2020

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Lo fi hip hop to farm god dungeons to #MelvorIdleFanArtContest


It's "The 6 styles of Malcs", one of my favourite bosses in the game!
6 styles cause I actually haven't painted in almost a year and thus was super heckin RUSTY like oh my god i had to (re)learn so many things it's awful and took much longer than expected x_X


Here's my character ready to cut some wood with Beavis overnight!
See if you can find all the Melvor references :)


Didn't have as much time as I'd hoped to work on this in the end but hope you all enjoy nonetheless. Digital art is not for me so I went a bit old school.
The idea was based on the concept of a field guide and ended up a sort of diary kept by an adventurer exploring Melvor.


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This was made for my intense hatred towards low drop chance farming.
It's the 100 claw fragments that make 1 claw, wallpaper i guess?


Here is my humble submission for the contest. In honor of Prat, the Protector of Secrets and Malcs, the Guardian of Melvor :D Hope you like it!


Had some fun with Paint and decided to depict how it feels when you accidentally forget about the game for a while. Hope you like it!



This is my submission! It's loosely based off of the Pokemon March pokemon card. It's (almost) all of the pets on a day out! :)


This is awesome and I'm glad you're hosting one of these! Here is my submission for the Fan Art contest, based around the 1 year anniversary event! Goodluck to everyone!





Old photo of my grandpa after a few sessions of barbarian fishing.


Me wearing Dragon Sword and Armor fighting Ragnar in the Fire God Dungeon Using all the Prayers i can to survive :P


I am color blind and not the best artist. The shades might not look the best but I spent a lot of time on it and I am proud of it. Multi tree double wielding axes.


Decided to make my favorite set from the god dungeons, very much loving the game and thanks for the contest!


I had to finish my artwork earlier than I intended due to personal reasons. There were still things I wanted to change but continuing the artwork would not be beneficial to me. I hope you understand :).
Thank you so much for the contest and the game! (All the assets (foreground, background, busstop, Asura, ...) except the one's directly from the game are drawn from scratch using illustrator)


Heres my interpretation of Aeris I love the design for him but i didn't want to just copy it 100% i found in my early drafts it was just the official art in a different pose so i tried to capture the essence of him
It's a little different from my usual style but i had fun making this :)


Local artist reimagines Melvor Gods as real people. Disney HATES him! (Number 7 will shock you)


Decided to dust off my drawing tablet and make a reddit acc while I was at it.
Drew Malcs and the Golbins celebrating Melvors first birthday :D


Made with only a stylus and a note-taking app. Hours of work. :D


Mel-chan celebrating the first birthday of Melvor Idle! Easily my favorite idle game of the ones i've played (✿◡‿◡)


My girlfriend liked Aeris's design so she drew him!



"Come back to us." "Nah, I live to afk."