Update v1.0.5


Hello everyone!

With 100% of development is focused on the upcoming Expansion 1, I come bringing a small surprise update for everyone to enjoy while you wait.

As a thank you for the support so far on the Cool Rock Plushie sales I have decided to release a new temporary custom gamemode for you all to enjoy.

We’re currently at 80% of our funding goal for the Cool Rock Plushies with only under one week to go to reach our sales target! If you would like to help us reach that 100% target, you can do so here: https://shop.makeship.com/3vM0CPW

Nonetheless, even if we don’t reach that target, I believe everyone deserves something as a thank you from us to show our appreciation to the community that continues to support us through and through.

New Temporary Custom Gamemode

Say hello to Internal Suffering Speedrun Mode!

Available until: August 31 @ 23:59:59 GMT

We took the concept of the previous Hardcore Adventure Speedrun Mode and turned it up to 11. The idea here is to bring a fresh take on how the game is played, and really make you think about your next actions moving forward.

This gamemode will test your strategic decision making, forcing you to slowly disable Skills the further you progress. You will need to make the call as to what Skills you can do without, and what will help you defeat the final boss.

And yes, this is super fast again.

So, what exactly does this gamemode entail? Read carefully as there are quite a few important mechanics to keep in mind.

On top of the above unique mechanics, we have made similar adjustments to the intervals as the previous custom gamemode:

You will also notice this gamemode uses larger numbers. This is purely visual and provides no real benefit to the game. It is simply done to make the gamemode look a bit different.

Other Changes

Firstly, to accommodate for the new gamemode I have added another save slot for everyone to use and enjoy!

A month or so ago I posted a thread to Reddit asking the community for feedback on the UI of the game, and requested information on everyone’s biggest UI pet-peeve.

You can view this thread here: https://www.reddit.com/r/MelvorIdle/comments/v0o1ip/whats_your_biggest_ui_petpeeve/

I plan to resolve as many of these UI issues as possible, especially for the release of the expansion.

For now, I took the top comment and adjusted the UI for Firemaking, Fishing and Mining to now display Skill XP, Mastery XP, and Mastery Pool XP you can gain per action (Woodcutting already shows this during the action).

Farming and Summoning UI adjustments to show extra information will be coming at a later date! Alongside resolutions for other UI pet-peeves mentioned.

In the future, I plan to ask more questions similar to this so I can gauge an understanding of what everyone is thinking, and what I can do to address the potential concerns or suggestions mentioned.

It’s something I’ve valued since I began development on Melvor Idle, and I want to continue this level of communication moving forward!

Another Expansion 1 Live Stream

In case you missed the news, we have another Live Stream happening to discuss Expansion 1 in more detail. There’s also a Live Q&A happening on this stream, so be sure to tune in to get an inside into all things Melvor Idle!

Live Stream Details:

  Monday, 11 July at 4:00pm GMT

Where? On the official Melvor Idle Twitch: https://twitch.tv/MelvorIdle

VOD? Yes! For those who can’t make it live, we will have a VOD available on the official Melvor Idle YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWZ1T_V9Nqs40RFheroSKGQ


Progress on Expansion 1 is looking fantastic. We’re excited to share more information with you all and take a closer look at what can be expected from the update!

I hope you all enjoy the new custom gamemode. Be sure to check out the live stream as there will be some information you won’t want to miss!